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Ultius.com: Legit Academic Writing Service

Selecting from numerous academic writing platforms available on the Internet, you will definitely pay attention to Ultius.com as a reliable, professional and up-to-date service. However, is the reality as pleasant as it seems to be? To opt for ultimate writing help one should put much time and effort. To confirm or reject the use of Ultius.com we have made a thorough investigation comparing the information presented at the website with customers’ reviews and personal experience.

What do we know about Ultius.com?

The service has been on the market for more than 5 years and has gained popularity of a reliable and trustworthy platform delivering high quality assignments submitted on time. Besides, the price of the paper depends on its type, number of pages required, academic level and urgency of the order. The total price can be simply counted at the website with the help of an online cost calculator. Moreover, the service promises high confidentiality level, dependable privacy policy, helpful customer support team and other benefits.

Ultius.com prices review

Ultius.com prices

Customers’ feedback and comments about Ultius.com are rather controversial. According to some of them, the platform is really reliable and worth attention, though others claim it delivers low quality, superficial papers at a rather high price. Many complaints also regarded spam sent after a successful deal. Besides, there are a few cases of exceeded time limits and other issues.

To dispel all the possible doubts and concerns we have ordered a trial paper and witnessed all the advantages and drawbacks of cooperation with Ultius.com. To be objective, we have chosen undergraduate level and the easiest paper type – essay. The topic was comparatively simple and the assignment was not urgent (should have been fulfilled in 10 days). The task was submitted within 7 days, following the time limits, meeting all the formatting requirements and other demands. However, the quality of the essay was not excellent, as well as its grammar.

Ultius.com review

Ultius pdf review

Ultius.com reviews
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In general, Ultius.com can be regarded as an average company with many advantages and some disadvantages. It is the service that can deal with problems, though the ideal is the platform that does not create them. Thus, it is difficult to say the company is excellent, since there is a great number of its better alternatives, but it is still a rather good variant to use.

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11 thoughts on “Ultius.com

  1. Marta

    Ordered a paper from ultius legit service…

    I am not completely satisfied with the paper you’ve send me, though I cannot say that it’s irrelevant to the subject or has too much plagiarism. First of all, it is simply too expensive, compared to the other services, as I’ve discovered lately. Then, it also contains some non-unique insertions, though I relied on your promise that it is 100% plagiarism-free. That has caused some misunderstanding during the class…

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  2. Amanda LeeAmanda Lee

    Ultius.com not scam, neither panacea

    You can order a paper or two at Ultius, but it’s not always reliable, pitifully. One of the orders I’ve placed was fulfilled in time and flawlessly, though the price was really disturbing. The other paper that I needed, and ordered timely, got delayed, so I was worrying for a day or two. Anyway, except for such minor issues (thankfully, I wasn’t pressed for time), this is a fine legit service that writes thorough and plagiarism-free essays, judging by my experience.

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  3. Jerom DJerom D

    My feedback is, this service is so-so

    I have had quite an experience working with this legit service in essay writing, both as an author and as a student who orders papers in subjects he doesn’t have time to study. The service has too high commission, as I see it, because the difference between the price you pay ordering a paper and the money the author receives is very significant. On the other hand, they recruit the best, very enlightened and enthusiastic authors, who never fall into plagiarism and ensure the quality.

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    1. Colin Chalmers


      I found these guys a bit hit or miss. Often my paper would be late or not the correct format.

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  4. Alansha Trivedi Rushessay


    I have been ordering from this website for long and have wasted so much (approx 80- 100 $ for every assignment).This website is nothing but only about making money. Everything time the writer does anything wrong, and i called to ask the only thing they say is you need to pay further additional payments. My different assignments had different complaints – one was plagiarized, other was written fully wrong far away from the article, the writer did not gave the article. Whenever i called the toll free US number, they asked for additional payments, never helped, non of the manager or supervisor contacted even writing an email and several calls. Nobody should go for this website for help, they are only making money. The people on the customer care no. Don’t know anything.They say they have money refund policy but they will never do even if the whole assignment is written wrong or is plagiarized.

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  5. Dante Frizzoli

    Low Life LLC

    I used to work for the elitist, money-hungry, Trump-supporting, college dropout scam artist who owns this company – Boban Dedovic. Neither he nor his Writing Manager bimbo girlfriend would know an MLA Handbook if it hit em in the head. Sadly, their staff is grossly underpaid and, subsequently, extremely lazy, poorly managed and jaw-droppingly unprofessional. This all made sense in the end considering that most of the company’s profit is spent preventing cyber attacks and lawsuits. Boban Dedovic’s current scams include Ultius Inc, the Nevada Center on Foreign Relations, and Agopri Corporation. Interested parties are better off finding a writer on Craigslist. Trust me, they don’t care.

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  6. John

    Low Quality

    I requested a graduate-level paper on a business topic. What I received reads like something written by a high schooler who desperately tried to stretch the five thoughts he/she had over many pages. I will have to re-write most of it myself. Given the price tag, the quality is abominable. Avoid it if you can.

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  7. Catherine

    A Very Expensive Service that does not follow Instructions!!

    I literally typed out a whole paragraph explaining what needed to be done and the writer still chose to do her own thing! My paper was 3 days late because (I couldn’t afford to pay for the less than 3 day revision that they charge) and the Revisionist writer just copied and pasted what I asked for into the previous paper that was wrong! So not only was the paper incorrect, but Late too! Paper was of good quality, but it was not what I asked for. 🙁

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  8. Sam Nguyen

    Poor paper

    I ordered a paper, it was super expensive and the outcome was pure garbage.

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  9. Townsend

    Too Expensive and Late

    Their quality is unpredictable. At first their services were good. Recently they offered me work that is not relevant to the topic and the sentences had no flow. I resorted to PioneerWriters.com and I hope they keep up the good work. In fact they are handling my online class and so far so good, I have As, LOL

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