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Looking for a Credible Essay Writing Company?

Essay writing is an important part of success of any student, but there are different things that may prevent you from completing this academic task by yourself. For example, you may not have enough time or skills to craft an excellent college paper. What can you do?

Your Effective Solution

Nowadays, more and more students decide to turn to professional services that specialize in writing different essays. If you want to give this option a try, you should ensure that you won’t end up with scam.

Our Brief Review and Research

When it comes to, we did our small research to find out more about this essay writing company and determine whether it’s really legit. We took into consideration customers’ feedback online related to this website and made a conclusion that it’s in trouble because of many complaints.

To get a clearer picture of the pros and cons of using this service, we decided to order a trial academic paper. It was a creative essay, and its cost was around $80. What did we receive as a result?

One of the most important things that should be considered by students when choosing a legit essay writing company is whether it can meet their deadlines. That’s because teachers don’t like when assignments are not submitted on time, and late submission always affects final marks. Our order at the website was completed with a delay, which is a certain drawback.

The next thing that should be checked when making your choice is the quality of those academic papers that you getting, and the quality of our ordered essay was average.

When looking for a credible essay writing service, the first thing that most students take into account is the price that must be paid. We should admit that the price we paid for the ordered creative essay was a bit higher than the one set by its competitors for the same academic project, which is also a drawback.

Academic Writing with

Professional academic writing service is an extremely helpful thing when the time to handle the assignment approaches and you have no single paper written. Such platforms are also useful for busy or lazy people who prefer to pay money for a specialist to fulfill the task professionally. While the demand of the option is constantly growing, the number of such services increases correspondingly. So, the only complicated decision one should take is what platform to choose.

Being the leading academic writing service, claims to present high quality papers for diverse types of customers. Different assignments (essay, article, book or movie review, report, speech, coursework, dissertation, thesis, etc.) for various academic levels (undergraduate, graduate, master’s, doctor’s, etc.) are available on the website. The final price of the paper depends on these factors, as well as on the number of pages and urgency of the task fulfillment. In addition to all these beneficial points, the service features a dependable and helpful customer support group that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The submission and delivery of the work are also promised to be done on time, though, following a range of customers’ complaints, the company has problems with this. Nevertheless, the communication level of the company is rather high, since you can contact the representatives of support team at any time, and they will do everything possible to eliminate the problem. Additionally, there is an exclusive opportunity to communicate with the scholar who will fulfill your task and discuss some important points and minor issues.

To make sure the real state of things corresponds to the promised one, we have ordered a trial assignment to check the services, policies and other features of the platform. The total sum of the order reached £150. What we have received for the sum is good communication and reliable customer support. The assignment was submitted and delivered on the last day before the deadline, so you won’t have time for any changes and edits if you need them. While the price was comparatively high for such type of work, the content of the paper cannot be called profound and sophisticated. Thus, can be viewed as an average academic writing service with certain advantages and drawbacks. – Academic Writing Service Preferred by Millions

We are not exaggerating when we say that is a highly appreciated service. It serves the leading writing help for those who have no time or desire to accomplish the assignment or think over the content of a coursework. So, what is promised by and what is really offered by the company?

To begin with, the platform is known for the quality papers delivered. The service is said to employ only professional scholars qualified in a definite sphere of knowledge. Besides, the vast majority of writers are native English speakers living in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and a range of other countries. Among other advantages promised by the service are high confidentiality level and reliable privacy policy. Safe preservation of your information is guaranteed, so your name, email address, bank accounts and other data will never be passed to the third party. Additionally, the customer support team is also one of the key features of the company. Here you can receive all the necessary recommendations and deal with even the smallest issues appeared during the website usage. What is more, these are not the only benefits promised by the company. Though, is the reality the same impressive?

To test the service and check its operation, we have ordered a trial paper. The first important thing is that the platform offers a broad range of assignment types available, from a simple essay and up to sophisticated dissertation and thesis. Besides, you can select the required level, number of pages and sources of the task. Together with urgency, these factors determine the total price of the paper. We ordered an article that cost $200. The impressions were a bit controversial.

According to customers’ reviews the assignments are delivered on time, though their quality is not always that excellent. Besides, there are a few complaints about spam sent after a successful deal. From our own experience we can judge that submission and delivery of a fulfilled assignment were done timely, not earlier, though not later, too. The functioning of the customer support team can be estimated as perfect, since the replies were given immediately. However, the quality of the paper was average, while the price was comparatively high. In general, the service is worth attention, though one can find better alternatives.

Real Facts about

Following numerous reviews and comments the platform offers rather controversial services. There is a part of thankful customers who constantly cooperate with this essay writing company, though there also is another part of clients who are totally dissatisfied with this or that option offered. Among the most frequent complaints are the quality of fulfilled tasks, rather high prices, delayed delivery and other issues.

Surely, the company has a range of advantages, and they are undeniable, but its drawbacks are sometimes overwhelming. Multiple complaints are related to frauds and tricks with email address, as well as scam and spam sent after successful cooperation. Thus, even though the privacy policy of the platform promises reliable protection of your private information, it is sometimes stolen by other services.

However, all the feedback and reviews are nothing without a relevant proof, and the trial paper helped to make a truthful verdict. As a part of the project we have ordered a trial essay to check the proficiency of scholars, plagiarism service and other policies offered by The first issue that impressed us was the price of the paper, as it was a sequence higher than identical assignments fulfilled by other similar companies. Besides, the quality did not justify the price of $80. We had to address the customer service (that works pretty professionally) to revise and proofread the paper again. It is also vital to mention that the platform is not for people who have strict time-limits, as the assignment was a bit delayed.

On the other hand, there are many positive features of this academy writing service that include dependable customer support team, ready to help you at any time of day or night, fast delivery, devoted scholars trying to do their best for the customer. All in all, is an average writing service that is still developing and improving. Thus, here you will not find the ideal paper, though it will be sophisticated and rather profound. Keep in mind that if you need a highly professional work done in time, without even minor mistakes and misprints, you should look for another service. However, irrespective of comparatively high prices and not that excellent quality of papers, the company has numerous constant clients, who are satisfied with all the peculiarities.

Credibility of

Striving to find an optimal academic writing service you will definitely come across numerous quality and professional platforms with being among them. However, how to make a right choice and benefit from it? How to select a company with qualified scholars who deliver the most quality tasks? What is the company with optimal prices affordable for any customer?

There is a great number of people who claim to be one of such top-notch services with great quality, professional customer support, timely delivery, plagiarism free assignments, money back guarantee and other advantages. However, another significant part of clients complain about inconsistent correlation of price and quality, delayed submission, poor communication and other disadvantages. Thus, who is right and where is the truth?

To check all the facts and learn all the peculiarities of the academic writing service, we have ordered a trial dissertation. We have chosen a rather specific area of knowledge to test the professionalism of writers engaged there. Additionally, certain format settings differed from the common ones. We have paid $210 that is a quite high cost, even considering all the specifications and exceptions. More than 5 days passed when the assignment was submitted. The first impression from the fulfilled task was positive, though its detailed analysis shattered all the illusions. The essay contained no up-to-date information, approved facts and true-to-life examples, thus, the quality of the whole work can be estimated as medium. What was another doubtful moment is that the work was delivered 2 days later than discussed, so if you require your urgent paper to be ready on time, we doubt you should choose

In addition to all these small, but significant mistakes, the price of the ordered essay was comparatively high, so that not every customer can afford to order this type of work in this exact service. Such a combination of facts helps us to make a conclusion that is an academy writing service worth attention, though if you need the accurate work with relevant data and facts, you can opt for any other company similar to this. Moreover, selecting another writing help you will eliminate the possibility to be disturbed by spam. Legit Academic Writing Service

Selecting from numerous academic writing platforms available on the Internet, you will definitely pay attention to as a reliable, professional and up-to-date service. However, is the reality as pleasant as it seems to be? To opt for ultimate writing help one should put much time and effort. To confirm or reject the use of we have made a thorough investigation comparing the information presented at the website with customers’ reviews and personal experience.

What do we know about

The service has been on the market for more than 5 years and has gained popularity of a reliable and trustworthy platform delivering high quality assignments submitted on time. Besides, the price of the paper depends on its type, number of pages required, academic level and urgency of the order. The total price can be simply counted at the website with the help of an online cost calculator. Moreover, the service promises high confidentiality level, dependable privacy policy, helpful customer support team and other benefits. prices review prices

Customers’ feedback and comments about are rather controversial. According to some of them, the platform is really reliable and worth attention, though others claim it delivers low quality, superficial papers at a rather high price. Many complaints also regarded spam sent after a successful deal. Besides, there are a few cases of exceeded time limits and other issues.

To dispel all the possible doubts and concerns we have ordered a trial paper and witnessed all the advantages and drawbacks of cooperation with To be objective, we have chosen undergraduate level and the easiest paper type – essay. The topic was comparatively simple and the assignment was not urgent (should have been fulfilled in 10 days). The task was submitted within 7 days, following the time limits, meeting all the formatting requirements and other demands. However, the quality of the essay was not excellent, as well as its grammar. review to Help with Academic Writing: Advantages and Drawbacks

The proverb claims that the slow and steady wins the race, and it is true in the vast majority of cases. Though, the rule does not work with dissertation, article review, thesis or coursework. Here you should work hard to fit in the deadline and handle the paper on time. However, the task is not that complicated with diverse inline academic writing services available now. Such platforms as offer a great range of facilities to help you cope with the task and be ready with the assignment. Simply order the paper and get it ready within the discussed time span.

Observing the market of academic writing help, it is vital to pay attention to as a leading service, required by many students and scholars. Within the investigation we have learnt both offers and promises of the service, as well as customers’ reviews and comments. To confirm the achieved conclusions we have ordered a trial paper not to make unsubstantiated statements.

According to the policies of the platform, every customer has an opportunity to order a high quality paper at an affordable price, meeting formatting requirements, time limits and other demands. Additionally, privacy policy, confidentiality level and other modern conveniences are included. The final cost of the assignment depends on multiple factors, including:

  • Type of work required;

  • Number of pages;

  • Academic level;

  • Urgency.

The service offers various works starting with application essay, report and article review up to thesis or dissertation. Professional scholars are said to be engaged here and fulfill your tasks.

What we got in reality was similar to promised, though differed in a couple of points. We have ordered a usual article for an undergraduate student. It contained 7 pages and had to be done in 10 days. The total sum of this order reached $280. The first impressive feature of is up and running communication with customer support team and the scholar working on your paper. However, even despite many advantages experienced working with the company, it is essential to draw attention to minuses and gaps in the operation of the service. First of all, the quality of the article was lower than average, since it was not justified by real facts and accurate data. Besides, the assignment was submitted and delivered on the last day, so we had no time for extra revisions. In general, the quality of the service can be truly estimated as average.

While in search of an ultimate academic writing service, hardly anyone pays attention to promises and guarantees. The only thing people pay attention to is the reviews. Depending on feedback left by previous customers you will decide whether this or that platform is reliable, legit and worth your attention, time and money.

Considering as one of the most widely spread and demanded writing services, we have decided to analyze its work and check if the reality is as good as the promises. According to the services available within the platform, one can write an essay without even learning any information, discovering topical facts and investigating related sources. The service will do everything for you. You do not have to spend hours managing the structure of the text, its formatting requirements and other features, since you need only to expect the result. So, if you are not talented enough to write an essay, or have no time and desire to do it well, why not order an assignment using a professional service, which qualified enough in writing essays?

Besides, at you are promised to get the most competitive price possible, so that the services will be affordable for every customer. Timely submission and delivery, dependable privacy policy, high confidentiality level and other services are offered within the platform. However, unfortunately, the reality is a bit different.

Having investigated all the customers’ feedback and reviews, we have decided to check whether the information is true and whether the company does have such problems. The most frequent complaint reported is about the relatively low quality of delivered essays. Besides, a comparatively high price is another peculiarity that does not justify the trust. Some clients doubt if the service is legit at all, since they receive an infinite number of spam emails after cooperation with the company.

In fact, we have ordered an 160-dollar essay that was urgent and had to be handled within strict time limits. Despite the topic was rather easy, the content was quite generalized, with no specific points, details and examples. The very positive moment is really timely delivery. Taking into consideration all the advantages and drawbacks of the service, it is possible to conclude that is an average academic writing service that has much more beneficial counterparts. is one of those websites that are made to help students with different types of assignments. For a student, it’s important to be sure that he/she pays for a good work. Unfortunately, sometimes students find themselves in an unpleasant situation when the quality of work doesn’t correspond to what they’ve expected. We decided to make our own review in order to find out whether is reliable enough to place orders.

Is Trustworthy?

First of all, we decided to check if is a legit or scam website. Although the website is shown to be based in the UK, the real location is hidden. It will definitely increase its trust rating if the owners confirm their actual location. The website has been operating for more than 2 years. They actively advertise their services in order to attract more clients, ensuring that the quality of their writing services is outstanding. The chance that this website is untrustworthy is fairly small. 

Results We Received after Placing Our Own Order

In order to find out the opinion of students that have used the services of, we have conducted our own search on the Internet. While browsing lots of comments from clients regarding website’s services, we met different complaints.

It’s natural that you may unluckily find negative testimonials, but that not all the websites are the sources you can trust 100%. We considered all the negative comments and decided to place our own order through

We found the following results:

  • Delivery of an essay was delayed;

  • Quality was medium;

  • The price was too high (we paid $190 for our order).

Pros and Cons of

Any online service has its pros and cons. Let’s find out what those are to


  • Nice and simple website that is easy to navigate;

  • They offer writing research papers for many subjects, including Biology, Maths, Physics, etc.;

  • Convenient payment methods.


  • There is a risk of not getting your work on time;

  • The quality of assignment could be better;

  • The prices are too high.

While some people have no problems writing their essay or research paper, others have to spend much time and effort to create at least something. However, following modern tendencies and opportunities everyone can use the advantages of online help with the assistance of quality online academic writing services. Some of them are professionals, others are not, thus, it is essential to differentiate among them before placing an order.

Considering, it is vital to highlight that the platform is widely demanded and appreciated as a reliable, proficient and quality service delivering a high quality paper of any complicity, level and size. However, having discovered the most recent customers’ feedback and comments we have noticed many complaints regarding delayed submission, low quality, poor communication and other weak points. To check all these suspicions, we have ordered a trial paper. Since the company offers the most diverse types of assignment available (such as essay, creative writing, business plan, report, dissertation, presentations, book review, speech, coursework, thesis, article review, case study and many others) we have ordered the simplest one to check the credibility of the website.

The cost of the paper at depends on multiple factors, including academic level, urgency, number of pages and type of paper required. The total price of our order was $120 which is a comparatively high cost for an average essay. Though, the first unpleasant point is that for such a rather high price we have got quite an average quality. There was a couple of misprints and grammar mistakes, so we had to address the customer support team to revise the assignment. The main benefit at this stage is that the service offers an indefinite amount of reasonable proofreading of accomplished tasks for free. After the first check the work had no mistakes and followed formatting requirements.

As for the content of the essay, it was superficial and the paper contained no accurate, up-to-date and relevant facts concerning the topic and the issue under analysis. Even though the essay was submitted and delivered on time, extra revision and proofreading contributed to the deadline being violated. In general, can be viewed as an alternative academic writing service, though there are many cheaper and more professional platforms on the market of online essay writing.