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How to Define Reputable Essay Writing Services.

Are you looking for some essay writing help? Then you should know how to choose a legit company that provides this kind of service. Nowadays, it’s not easy to make the right choice because there are many service providers available online, but not all of them are created equal. What about ? Can you trust it ?

How We Conducted Our Own Research

To answer the above-mentioned questions, we decided to make our own research to determine whether this website is a scam or a reputable service provider. If you want to know the truth, keep reading this unbiased review.

Which tools did we use to make our conclusion about this essay writing company? We considered the feedback and testimonies left by customers who used this service in the past. What did they tell us? When browsing the Internet, we came across a number of complaints, and this means that the clients of CustomWritings had certain problems when getting their academic writing help.

To ensure that these reviews and complaints are not biased, we decided to place our order at We asked this company to help us with writing a standard college essay, and its price was $140. What was our personal experience?

All students know how important meeting the deadlines is, because timely submission of their academic papers can make a huge difference in their future grades. However, this paper writing service didn’t succeed to complete our order on time, but the good thing was that we managed to get a written and structured paper from them.

What about its quality? We can’t say that it was either good or bad – our college essay was just fine. What is the most important thing? The main reason why we can’t recommend this service is that its prices are higher than the ones offered by their competitors. If you take into account its other drawbacks, including late order deliveries and medium quality, we don’t think that this essay writing service is the best one out there.

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In conclusion, students can use the services of this company because it writes academic papers, but there are other service providers in the same field, and their offers seem more lucrative from different angles. If you want to use professional help, it’s always the best to deal with someone credible who offers affordable and high quality results. This is how you will get excellent essays without spending a fortune on this service.

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Mary DiMary Di

    My feedback on essay ordered at CustomWritings

    I just got my essay, and I’m disappointed. It’s not very smart, though it is on the subject, and not very logical, though it’s almost plagiarism-free. I have expected a much better quality from a legit service, and at the same time I cannot ask to rewrite it or give my money back, or at least make a discount, because technically it is done according to the specification I provided. I just won’t order an essay in Chemistry here ever again. Very disappointed.

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  2. Irvin ClarkIrvin Clark

    Not very nice for a legit service

    Custom Writings are really very custom, and I’m disappointed with the quality of the work they have done for me. It doesn’t make much sense to complain because they have followed my specification literally; however, the logic of the paper is poor, and though it doesn’t have any typos or obvious errors, it is written in poor language and I’m sure that I won’t get anything better than C for it. I regret paying so much money, when I could’ve done it better on my own.

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  3. Al Jabida LAl Jabida L

    Rating CustomWritings

    If anyone is interested in my opinion, I have to say that Custom Writings is not the best online legit service that offers paper writing, and it’s not even among the best. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars for being timely and not very pricy. However, the quality is far from the ideal: they allow plagiarism sneak into the papers they write, also there are often typos and other errors in their papers. You shouldn’t expect a very high mark, when you order your papers here, from my experience.

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  4. Claire

    Rating customwriting

    I would highly recommend students at any level of education who is looking for assistance not utilize this company for your paper. I requested a graduate level work to be writing and provided detailed instructions for what is required. The company took my money within a matter of days, but refused to refund my money for services that was inadequately provided. Despite English being both writers second language, they were well competent to write the paper. I still have not received my refund and I am left to write my own paper. Absolute worst customer services. Worst management. Worst company that I have every had to obtain services through. I have never had to use such service, and this will be the last time I will use this company and ask EVERY STUDENT TO RECONSIDER UTILIZING THEIR SERVICE. I do not believe the positive reviews are in fact authentic, but falsely advertised to draw customers. I gave them the opportunity to use two different writers and each one was worse than the other.

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  5. Mike Post author


    Worse paper ever. I don’t even know where to start. From run on and on and on sentences to misspell words. I don’t even believe they used spell check or ran any grammar checking software to check this paper before it was returned to me. Words were used out of context. This was very confusing to read. I am not even sure I understood nor could I follow where the writer was taking me. I was left confused and sad that I pay for this garbage. Whoever is reading this rating, please go back and check what I asked for and what was written. Yes writing about non-profit organizations as it pertains to leadership issues was an awesome topic. However, they didn’t even begin with an introduction to tell what the paper would be covering. There’s a whole bunch of words that made up the body of the paper. Then the conclusion, which in my opinion should only reinstate what you have already mentioned, was another two very long paragraphs with in-text citations. Extremely unsatisfied customer. I should get a refund.

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