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Credibility of Writemypaper4me.org

Striving to find an optimal academic writing service you will definitely come across numerous quality and professional platforms with writemypaper4me.org being among them. However, how to make a right choice and benefit from it? How to select a company with qualified scholars who deliver the most quality tasks? What is the company with optimal prices affordable for any customer?

There is a great number of people who claim writemypaper4me.org to be one of such top-notch services with great quality, professional customer support, timely delivery, plagiarism free assignments, money back guarantee and other advantages. However, another significant part of clients complain about inconsistent correlation of price and quality, delayed submission, poor communication and other disadvantages. Thus, who is right and where is the truth?

To check all the facts and learn all the peculiarities of the academic writing service, we have ordered a trial dissertation. We have chosen a rather specific area of knowledge to test the professionalism of writers engaged there. Additionally, certain format settings differed from the common ones. We have paid $210 that is a quite high cost, even considering all the specifications and exceptions. More than 5 days passed when the assignment was submitted. The first impression from the fulfilled task was positive, though its detailed analysis shattered all the illusions. The essay contained no up-to-date information, approved facts and true-to-life examples, thus, the quality of the whole work can be estimated as medium. What was another doubtful moment is that the work was delivered 2 days later than discussed, so if you require your urgent paper to be ready on time, we doubt you should choose writemypaper4me.org.

In addition to all these small, but significant mistakes, the price of the ordered essay was comparatively high, so that not every customer can afford to order this type of work in this exact service. Such a combination of facts helps us to make a conclusion that writemypaper4me.org is an academy writing service worth attention, though if you need the accurate work with relevant data and facts, you can opt for any other company similar to this. Moreover, selecting another writing help you will eliminate the possibility to be disturbed by spam.

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11 thoughts on “Writemypaper4me.org

  1. Kris BoKris Bo

    Got a C instead of A thanks to your legit service

    Ordering a paper from the online essay writers, I expect it to be flawless, simple, and understandable. After I have paid a significant sum of money, and received my paper from this service, I had to leave my feedback, because I was not satisfied with the quality. It was too complicated, too far from the subject and it has resulted into me receiving the low grade for this paper. It’s not what I wanted, and not what I have paid for.

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  2. Ted BTed B

    Rating of this service from Ted

    I don’t want to seem nasty, but I have to leave my feedback to your services, because I still have questions and I hope that you’ll look into it for me. Though I have ordered a plagiarism-free essay in Ethics, which is rather ironic, you sent me the paper that actually is not unique. I have no idea, if it is from an order you have completed before, or you’ve just found it somewhere on the web (like I did), but I want a refund, because I was unable to give it for assessment to my teacher, because it wasn’t unique.

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  3. Irvin ClarkIrvin Clark

    Customer’s review of your services

    Writemypaper4me seems a fine essay writing service, though it lacks some diversity of the subjects it works with. So, they have rejected two of my five orders only because they haven’t had a necessary specialist at the moment I needed it. Why would I ever turn to a legit service that cannot find a writer for me in time? I would probably recommend to look somewhere else, though the quality and price are satisfactory on this website.

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  4. Harriet Seal

    quite impressive

    The true value I got for every cent I paid. No excuses and lies. To the point services and the best quality content these are some the key points that made me stick to this professional service providers Writemypaper4me. I was very much upset for my book publishing, it was a lengthy work and I had no time check out everything on my own. I was amazed to see that my work was done in a matter of days. Quite impressive indeed.

    Tip for consumers: Recommended to everyone

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  5. Abraham Reed

    convenient and good service

    I find it really convenient to outsource my work to this service. I write a lot of white paper at my lobbying firm and therefore I need to be damn sure about my writings. I can’t afford any mistakes or glitches in my papers. It’s better to have more pair of eyes reviewing your paper to find any mistakes before it makes to the upper management. I feel a lot confident. I really appreciate your work, done for me. Proofreading and editing, made by your writers is perfect. I have no claims at all.

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  6. Paul Searles

    best decision

    As a first time customer here at Writemypaper4me, the response I got was on time and even the content was quite satisfactory. If I had the skills to write myself, I would have done my assignment, but you know how it is. That’s why i have taken help from writeyourpaper.org, and it was my best decision.Anyways, I would suggest that there should be more sale packages offered on the site for students like me.

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  7. Charles Gilbert

    my best choice

    I cannot believe that I was able to get such a good paper that is so reasonably priced. I was able to get a pleasing grade without having to spend a fortune. It’s good to know that there are people out there who can live up to their promises.As for me, writemypaper4me is one of the best online paper delivery companies. It provides lots of writing papers to the college students. The papers are cheap and best to their quality. It makes the students best ability to write a own essay. The writers are given more instruction about the writing and creating article in favor for the community. I have more interest to buying this company essay only. I share my wishes for using that company papers. And then feel it my view is right or wrong

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  8. Kataleia

    I got 5.5 out of 10

    I sent my files 15 days before my deadline, I did’t get the paper that day, so I start chatting with costumer service, they say give us 5 hour, I wait I texted them again 5 hours later , and they told me it was a problem with my files that I need to send them again, THEY DID NOT STARTED MY PAPER UNTIL THE DUE DATE, they gave me the paper 24 hours after my deadline, I ask the professor for a day and submit my paper and I got 5.5 out of 10, I have to repeat the class, and they say I will get a discount on my next transaction, this is a JOKE

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  9. Katelyn Whitefera

    super writing service

    This writing service really saved me when i was in need.At first, i wanted to do everything on my own and not to pat for the essay, but when i came across this website, my mind has changed. They found me a writer in no time and in a few days my essay was ready, i really appreciate i got it in time without delays. The essay was good, i got my A for it. Also my order was more than 25 dollars and that’s why i got a 10 percent discount, that’s was very pleasant for me, thank you.

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  10. sia

    Sia musa

    This is the worst paper writing service that I have ever worked with. This customer service is rude and I have yet to received a 100% of any assignment so far and I’ve invested a lot of money and time which is frustrating. I cannot wait until the semester is over so I can move on to another service because unfortunately the work I have with this site is a continuous work so I just cant leave although I want to badly.

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